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If DigitPenguin is still working on this project or wanting to work on it again, it would be nice if these could get added:

The ability to switch the music played in the level.

Dream blocks.

A new demo level.

A way to make custom terrain.

An item that will give Madeline 2 dashes, like the one in the Pico-8 game.

An option to start Madeline with 1 dash or 2 dashes, like in Chapter 6: Reflection you start with 1 dash, in Chapter 7: Summit you start with 2 dashes.

Maybe a screen to select pre-made maps to build off of?

If I ever go back to update this it's likely I'll just rebuild it from scratch due to the amount of bad/old code in the game. The main reason for the lack of features in the game right now is the way the editor and saving system works, which I would also have to update.

Maybe I'll get around to that one day, and if I do most of these wouldn't be hard to implement. Also, what do you mean by "custom terrain"?

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Like a menu to make new terrain blocks to use for the level, and the setup for it could look like this:

Edit: Took 20 minutes to make that in MS Paint

This would technically be possible within the lmitations of the engine I'm using, but:

1 - The entire space for the level is already taken up. This could be worked around using compression, but saving custom tiles would still be difficult.

2 - Creating a tile isn't as simple as it seems, 16 different variations would be needed to be made in order to adapt to any placement (which, again, would take up a lot of space in the level file).

3 - I feel like being able to create your own tiles makes it feel less like a Celeste editor, and more of just a platformer engine.

I would like to add more than just the default ice tiles though.

Oh lol