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A Carly Rae Jepsen-inspired Cyberpop Heist Tabletop RPG.
Buffy and Charmed meets PbtA
Extra-light fantasy role-playing
Crab community bus heist TTRPG.
Explore a wood-carved carnival ran by mischievous fae.
A deep-ocean pamphlet adventure for the MOTHERSHIP RPG system.
A Disco Elysium-inspired murder mystery TTRPG about a detective and the voices in his head
Exorcists confront the buried sins of a Dark Ages village in this historical horror RPG.
Making it through a long and exhausting summer, with just a deck of cards and your lo-fi music.
The crew of a spaceship negotiate intimacy and learn to live together in this GMless sci-fi RPG
A rag-tag band of service robots save a lone marshal from certain death.
A one-shot dungeon for Hack n Slash
Play dramatic sporty teens in high school chasing fame, fortune and fans. How will Olympic Academy remember you?
be a naughty little goose
Strangers stranded together by the weather swap stories in this GMless Tarot-based RPG.
A GMless game of bringing back wildness to an unchanging world.
A one-page TTRPG based on Goncharov (1973)
Rapid innovations in Worst RPG technology.
a map-drawing storygame about the rise and fall of a forest, and the hidden lives of its trees.
a horror microRPG about harvest-time bounty, celebration, and sacrifice
a microRPG about a gang of crows who've been wronged by an asshole human, out for blood
chaos in the streets, for Into the Odd
A one-shot heist for CY_BORG inspired by celebrity frozen heads.
Trans superheroic teens on the run
A liminal dungeon crawler. Completely unrelated to that other game.
A 2-player atmospheric game of wandering along semi-wild places and the things you find there.
a game about time travelling gangsters running a heist.
a Shakespearean hack of Lasers & Feelings
Un jeu de rôle au format pamphlet / brochure, pour des aventuriers débutants
A two-player game of superheroic teen rivalry
A Lasers&Feelings Hack for Eric, Sam, Gina, Amy, Aliza, Hector and Bonnie. Thanks for the stories.
A fully illustrated 13-page PDF with 2 music tracks, 2 battlemaps, 3 magic items, and 4 monsters with tokens.
A simplified version of the rules for Vampire the Masquerade, designed for one-shots and aimed at younger players.
Pro wrestlers fighting monsters
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