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A solo journaling rpg about girls trapped on an infected island. Made for #WretchedJam.
"It's The Thing, but set in a mall." A Liminal Horror module.
an exploitation body horror game of guts, gore, and revenge
a downloadable body horror game
Three-player RPG about the death of a mech pilot.
a ttrpg of body horror and destiny where memories manifest are your only weeapons
A relationship-focused Body Horror RPG
What would you do to have it all? Who would you kill to get it back?
A game about body horror using paper dolls.
[EN/FR] 2 symbiotic characters, 1 block tower
A mapping game without a gm where you and your unwilling 'volunteers' dig deep into a gigantic leviathan.
Accept the Bloom. Push back the Rust. Ascend the Tower.
A journaling-adjacent word game for the end of the world, guided by tarot.
A strange zine
A game that examines gratitude through the lens of body horror.
OSR roleplaying with tentacles and trench-coats
What's So Bad About Spontaneous Teratomorphism?
Cyberpunk psychics in a floating, neon lit city.
A dungeon crawl adventure for Mörk Borg
a two-player game of identity confusion and bioengineering
a game of marine horror
You wake from Fevre Dreams surrounded by the dead and dying.
An adventure for Mothership about becoming meat.
A Body Horror TTRPG Zine
A GMless journaling game of solving a supernatural murder
mutate forever. a rules lite tabletop rpg.
Five nocturnal failed careers for Electric Bastionland
Towns In Bottles, Forged in the Dark
Four allergenic incursions Rooted in Trophy Dark.
A solo body horror analog RPG.
A body horror hive crawling with fleshy insect creeps.
A system-agnostic tabletop RPG dungeon featuring a haunted ruin, a mystery cult and some very tempting apples.
A Dungeon World adventure of Lovecraftian Oozing and Cronenbergian Body Horror
when you're so broke you don't even own your own body
A vampire game of social outcasts
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