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A creepy scifi parlour game about parasites on the run.
A violent incursion into the land of the living. The first module for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror Roleplaying Game.
A solo RPG, ghoulish and strange; an echo of the American Old West.
An Incursion for Jesse Ross' Trophy RPG.
A brain-breaking supplement for Don't Rest Your Head.
The original surrealistic insomniac superhero horror RPG (and Evil Hat's first ever publication).
A variety of tools, mechanics, and hacks to help you develop thematic horror in your game.
an internet-based game of found footage horror
a Monster of the Week mystery
The Sun's rays have turned crimson and awakened long forgotten horrors. Test your sanity in this rules-light core book.
A Homemade Monsterhearts 2 Skin
You have seen it from afar. You are going into the sea to meet it.
a game about things breaking in space
A map making RPG about climate change
Live RP for 2 players. It is a game of temptation, tantalization, trust, and terror. 
A Solo RPG to play with your Patron God
An emotionally intense body horror game about transforming into a monster.
A Horror RPG about deception, flirting, and monsters.
A fae ruler, the human who serves them, and what can tempt a mortal to give up everything they have
A TTRPG of relationships and lasting consequences
A game of crumbling secrets, childhood memories, and hauntings
Play a Rougarou in your Weird West Pathfinder Second Edition Game
Play a Chupacabra in your Weird West Pathfinder Second Edition Game
Play a Jackalope in your Weird West Pathfinder Second Edition Game
A role playing duet of love, jealousy, and revenge
a two-player game about entities alone together in the dark
a hot horror game for two players
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