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A simple tutorial on how to create and use a Menu/Inventory System.
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made by PowerPoint
Dystopia Utility for creating items
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Node based creative audio sequencer.
A beginner's guide to making games in Unity3D
Inspired by Hungergames Simulator, 10 of Your Characters like fight and stuff.
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A micro guide to Bitsy
A-rpg inspired by Zelda and Undertale
Crazy krush dating app allows users to chat and meet, Register Now and find your perfect match.
five bytebeat compositions generated in real-time by your computer
Fancy writing simulator, entry for 'Odd Week Long Game Jam 3'
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Useful tools and resources to use while playing Pocket Bite RPG
A simple Clock for the New Years
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Interactive, visually stimulating predator/prey simulation. WA-TOR re-imagined for modern hardware.
A Yashiki/Mashita (Death Mark) Pinning Interactive Poem.
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Displays Your Steam Controller Input Visually
Can you Ever Escape Work ?
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Basicly a clone of just that the code is randomised and not just pulled straight from the linux kernel
Create your own tiny garden.
A quick, multiplayer deathmatch game in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3!
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a mini-essay on gifting
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A kinetic short story of the Crime World Series.
Make your story and make it great!
An RPG Maker 2003 project template that allows you to make Yume Nikki clones/fangames.
Procedurally generated Tarot-like cards
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Please clean up the dog poop.
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