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Celebrating the launch of the upgraded Zine Idea Generator we are having a 9 day zine jam! Ask the generator for a prompt and make something, as big or small as you like. Analogue or digital. Solo or with friends.

  • Zines must be inspired from a Zine Idea Generator 2.0 prompt
    • Submissions should include the prompt in the description
    • If you do not like the prompt you can generate new ones
  • Entries must be zines (this is a flexible concept)
  • Multiple entries welcome
  • Collaborations welcome
  • Adult content welcome if labelled as such 
  • It would be nice if zines are available for free at least for the first two weeks after the jam so fellow participants can see what you made

  • What is a zine? 
    • Zines are inexpensive handmade self-published books. Historically made via collage and then photocopied, but can be made on a computer and printed or not. What goes in them? Comics, poems, opinions, drawings, manifestos, reviews....
    • You can find a longer definition here.
    • We believe that zines are for everyone, and are more necessary than ever in a creative landscape dominated by corporate art and art made for algorithms. Want to make a zine but don’t know where to start? Check out the Thuban Press Guide to Analog Self-Publishing.
  • Who can make a zine? 
    • Literally anyone. That is the joy of self-publishing. You can write on scrap paper and take a photo on your phone and submit that. Zines are not the same as the glossy anthology fanzines.
  • What is the Zine Idea Generator 2.0?
    • Created by Eve Harms with ideas contributed by Zine Crisis members. With the 2.0 update to the Zine Idea Generator there are now  5,575,680 possible different zine ideas! Eve also added a bunch of new features, which you can learn about here
  • What are Zine Crisis and ZCMAG?
    • Zine Crisis is a discord server founded by Julia Gfrörer for people who are interested in zines and the culture surrounding them. Anyone can join! Check it out here.
    • ZC MAG (Zine Crisis Mutual Assistance Group) is a sister organization to Zine Crisis run by Eve Harms with help from other members of Zine Crisis. We offer:
  • Will my zine be featured in the Zine Idea Generator gallery?
    • If you want that, yes! Make sure to check the box that says "Feature my zine in the ZIG-Inspired Zine Gallery!" if that's something you are interested in.
  • Are there going to be winners?
    • You win by submitting. <3
  • How do you pronounce zine?
    • Pronounced "zeen" like magazine.

Jam organized by Aimee/Void Notes with help from Eve, cover image design by Ezra Rose


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a procedurally generated zine about shoplifting
Chronic illness and dissociating from your body