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[devlog] chronicles of a hot mess

A topic by peachpattch created Oct 12, 2017 Views: 344 Replies: 10
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did someone say "join a game jam with less than 20 days to go and 0 preparation?" no? good, i'll take my seat then.

it's my first game jam. who knows if i'll finish. i hope nothing fancy has to go here cause hoooboy right now my priority is getting things done.

hey! i'm peach and my game is still in the early stages but i want to make it about self-acceptance. it'll focus on digital means of expression and wow i really need some screenshots don't i?


  • wondered when this years yuri game jam is
  • search it and scream internally upon seeing the timer
  • brainstormed ideas and story paths in 750words and  ulysses
  • downloaded twine and struggled with figuring out how to make a basic branching storyline
  • outlined all but the longest route in twine, modifying along the way for better flow
  • stretched, hydrated, and snacked
  • pat myself on the back and play games for the rest of the day
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  • replayed twine outline after break
  • realized i was getting too detailed with the twine outline and sped up writing til it was finished
  • began brainstorming the layout/gui/general feel etc of the game itself in sketchbook
  • made that renpy project bc we all know i'm gonna take ten years fixing the code up
  • laid out the skeleton of the story in renpy for the first two endings 

a visual representation of the finished outline. i don't know how these are supposed to look or if you can even tell what it's supposed to be like. so far there are four endings and i wanna keep it that way.


  • literally almost forgot i was making a game
  • made a simplistic but workable mock-up of the game's main look since it takes place in a browser window
  • started brainstorming possible GUI  edits (minor if any) time permitting


  • "refreshed" my memory of how changing renpy's GUI works
  • and by that i mean learning how customizing UIs in repny at all oops
  • replayed the twine outline a few times
  • brainstormed actual thumbnail, icon, and menu screen design for the actual game itself
  • finished skeleton of the remaining routes in renpy
  • changed the stylesheet in editra to be a bit easier on the eyes
  • played through the rough build of the renpy game a couple of times to make sure everything was working properly
  • made some tweaks here and there to the script for better flow
  • fix 10000 bugs because even one errant spacebar or tab will cause renpy to panic
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  • made placeholder image
  • started creating actual game graphics like images that are actually gonna go in the game
  • coded those images in for the first two routes of the game
  • considered doing more but then realized i needed to eat, maybe later this evening
  • did more by putting in the rest of the images for that second to last ending
  • messed up some of the images so i had to remake new graphics oops
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  • started reeeeally hating how the images look in the game so far even though it's just an alpha build
  • yeah no if there's still time i gotta rework these they look so UGLY
  • played some renpy games for study/inspiration/general break purposes KIDS YOU NEED TO TAKE BREAKS OKAY
  • started editing the script skeleton in editra til i completed the first two endings
  • considered fleshing out the later ends considering how much i've gotten done in 2 days?


  • did a little research to make my faux screenshots look less terrible omfg
  • fleshed out the true end of the story

list of things i need to do, AKA a todo list why didn't i just write that

  • add transitions to CGs
  • create the 4 ending card graphics
  • create fake desktop BG
  • change the default GUI come on you've got the time man
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  • took a few days break to both decompress and also procrastinate
  • added transitions to existing CGs
  • added some italics to help better differentiate certain parts of the script
  • coded in the game end screens instead of making images yikes that was much easier than i thought it'd be

things i still gotta do

  • create fake desktop BG
  • change the default GUI come on you've got the time man


  • decided that adding the faux desktop BG was actually unnecessary

more to do

  • create game icon
  • create game start screen
  • change the default GUI

well, the game jam has ended and i honestly kinda forgot about it and lost a bit of steam/interest! that's what i get for working on so many personal projects at once.