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XKCD dodgeView game page

this game is for the xkcd game jam
Submitted by Geoleo25 — 9 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline

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XKCD dodge's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
xkcd-ness (how well it matches/interprets the comic)#920.7541.250

Ranked from 4 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Link to xkcd comic / 'what if' article the game is based on

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.

Team size


Anything else you want players to know before they play?
There are no downloads there is just a link in the install instructions to play this game it is also here -

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"There are no files to be downloaded just click on this link - XKCD dodge."

Then why have the option to download?  I was trying for quite a bit to download the game before I looked at the game page and found the link.

This game is ok.  Like @Etra_Games said, nice to see a student project here.  I'll give some critique on it to hopefully help you improve.

The movement feels rather stiff in this; I barely feel flexible enough to dodge the bullets flying at me (which don't register as a hit unless they hit my head, btw--was this intentional?).  I also don't know why I'm playing this game--if I survive, do I get a bunch of IQ?  The game would be a lot better if you the stage was timed and you got +10 IQ every (few) second(s), and the bullets left you in danger of losing progress.  As it stands, there's no real goal, and it feels rather aimless.

As is, the best way I found to play is not to play as intended.  Instead of trying to survive the stage, I simply held down spacebar (or, as I found out later, any other key/mouse button) to go & leave the shop, which causes my total IQ to increase every time, and thus enable me to buy the upgrades quickly.  And the upgrades are fine, though the shields disappear when I enter the shop for some reason, and I can't figure out how to attack with the Sarcasm Attack and Math Shield (which "people" am I attacking with those things, anyway?).

All in all, this is ok.  There's definite room for improvement.  I wish you the best as you continue game development.

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Neat to see a student project in the jam! It could use some polish but thats how everyone starts! Keep learning and you will improve! Also here is a list of game design video sources:


Anyway one thing I do want to mention is I'm doing a review of design on the games in this jam so here's a shameless plug to my channel if you want to be notified of the vid when released:

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My XKCD game jam analysis is out!


Keep at it then! I know that I look back on my early games and cringe so hard; props to you for throwing yourself at a game jam like that!