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Writers Summer 2019  is here, the 5th year in a row of a major event behind hosted by Comix-Blade has come! Show us your writing potential at it's absolute best! All entries from multi-media are allowed! Comics, Books, Animations, to Games. As long as there is a story attached to it. We are more than happy to see what you can show us!

All entries once submitted will be advertised on the Comix-Blade  Twitter and Facebook pages, we will not be taking any credit for your work. In reality, we are promoting it and this event at the same time.


  • The content must be made during 2019.
  • Theme is that of story driven content; you're free to choose how you'd like to represent it.
  • Team and or independent works are allowed to be used.
  • Original content only, fan works( Limited ) are not allowed.
  • You are allowed any number of submissions.
  • WIP series' ( As in Episodes for a comic ) are allowed however the series must end by the deadline, otherwise your entry will be labeld as a 'cliff hanger.' Your submissions will still be accepted, just no more entries after that point will be considered.


  • To be announced.

If you'd to know more information of the hosts behind the Jam, please do feel free to enter our Discord server:

Comix-Blade: Official Discord


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Four innocent prisoners on death row must decide which among them will die to meet the prison's quota.
Visual Novel
tell the story of how you kiss kiss and fall in love <3
play out angst filled stories of ghosts and lovers, regrets and the death gods that fetch you
Choose your path short story where you try to rescue your partner before the murderer strikes
Interactive Fiction
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and the twists and turns of how we seal our fates, as this way or -- another
You have one goal, MONEY but as you go on your journey, you discover that there's more to life than money.
Interactive Fiction
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