Submissions open from 2019-11-11 08:00:00 to 2019-11-25 07:00:00
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This is just what it says on the tin - a workshop, in Jam form.  Bring your game, ask questions.  Read some games, give answers.  Games brought to the jam don't need to be "on their way to publication", though most probably will be?  

You can bring a game that you want to take one step further.  You can bring a game you've already published.  You can bring a project that's not intended to be "finished", because that's not how it / you do.

But bring a game of yours that you want to know things about.


Step 1: Bring your game!

Once the jam has started, on the forum for the jam, start a new thread for discussion of your game.  Actually "submitting" your game to the jam is not required, just recommended.  Some fairly strong guidelines for games being presented:

  • Your game material should be a readable entity on presentation, but there's no standard for how "finished" it can or can't be beyond that.   You can bring a completely polished game to the workshop to talk about marketing.  You can bring a core mechanic and bullet-point list of other features to talk about making it playable.
  • Your game material should be freely accessible from the post, via link.  That can mean "up on Itch for free" or "in a google doc with link sharing turned on" or "text actually in the post" or any number of other things.  "Ask me for a download code" is one hoop more than we're asking readers to jump.
  • Your game material should be self-contained in the file or files presented, and not come with homework; "Go read this SRD" is...   Just no.
  • It should be possible to fully read your game material in a single evening, at most.  
  • You should have a list of specific questions about your game that you'd like answers to, and ideally things a bit more focused than "Do you like this?"  Decide what your goal is - if you want to iterate the game through another draft, ask what sections are clear or confusing, what sparks engagement, ask for recommendations on layout or editing. 
  • Your questions should not be covert attempts at getting a reader to act as a full editor for your game (unless your game is, like, a couple quick paragraphs), nor should your presentation of the game be a covert attempt to market it to workshop participants. 


Step 2: Read and Answer!

  • Read at least two other games posted (ideally more)!
  • If some games have less readers attached to them, read those first.
  • Respond to their posts, and try to answer some or all the questions they've posted.  
  • Indicate in your post if you're available for further discussion of the game, of your answers, and so on.


Submission runs until the 25th.  Discussion runs as long as it runs; likely until month-end.