This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-04-10 11:00:00 to 2021-05-10 11:00:00. View 64 entries

Make a game or something like one which will fit onto a single postcard, one that can be printed, addressed, stamped and sent through the postal service without needing to be placed into an envelope. 

You can discuss, workshop, and exchange your submissions via the jam Discord page:


  • You can create a game or tool of any style or genre you like. 
  • You can use both the front and back of the card, but you must leave a clear space for the address and stamp.
  • Experiment with form and shape as much as you like, so long as the result can be posted without needing an envelope.
  • No  bigotry, racism or any fascist  nonsense; you will be booted.

Wish You Were Here has no set prompts, but the following are for anyone who might benefit from having one, along with some diversifies to get the creative flowing going.

Prompts and Diversifies:

  • Open Wide - Prompt, make any game that fits with this theme.
  • Carrying On - Visual prompt, the linked image is in the public domain.
  • Harsh Division - Diversifier, create a game that requires cutting the postcard in half.
  • Low Ink - Diversifier, design your postcard to use as little ink as possible in the printing process.

A postcard back template for anyone who needs it.


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A one page game about discovering constellations.
A postcard game for a witch writing letters about her new home.
a solo game about delivering mail in the post-apocalypse
A spell for time travel to more beautiful times.
A postcard game about drawing kaijus and send them to your friends.
Journaling RPG about Traveller Stories
A postcard game about fruit and vegetables!
A silly TTRPG about lifeguards, their private life and TV-show requirements!
A stabbing-centric collaborative storytelling game in postcard form.
Ever changing adventures for the intrepid Rogue. Rogue-Card is a rogue-like dungeon crawl in the form of a postcard!
Find Lucy before it's too late, you're her only hope. An investigation game on a postcard.
Tiny written puzzles to solve on your own or to mail friends.
A solo RPG about delivering a message back to where it came from
Who has the most loot?! A game of chance with sweet rewards. Best for 1 - 4 players per card.
A competitive heist RPG on a postcard or business card for 1 - 4 players
A postcard game of early postal aviation
a crossword puzzle that is also a dungeon that is also a postcard
a game about animals and plants asking each other questions
An epistolary co-op game about travel and longing, played on a postcard
A postcard, a game, a moment and a smile
The battle has not gone well and it is up to you to write a report.
A postcard-based RPG where the postal service rolls the dice.
A character creation & storytelling game (that fits on a postcard).
A postcard-sized solo journaling game about isolation and the company you'll find.
You set out to save the world, but you failed. A game about reflection and dealing with failure.
A spatial epistolary game on a postcard
postcard adventure in Trieste
Search the sky for constellations to interpret and name.
A skill game and map generation tool.
A 2-player RPG of making and changing maps
Grow a grove together
There's a secret message hidden in this postcard.
A game about a postcard you don’t post. Played solo.
A Solo Postcard Game
A short, self-contained, two player strategy card game that fits on a postcard.
Dragon destroyed your village, find out why.
A letter writing outdoors exploration game
A multidimensionalplay-by-mail game
Flip coins and tell stories about your holiday!
A postcard-sized game of stopping that intrepid adventurer, Dash Daring! Gorzog, the Emperor of Space, commands you!
A solo dungeon crawler card game on a postcard
A Game about the creation and evolution of a biological community and the ecosystem that sustains it
A maze and a writing prompt for when boredom strikes
2 player postcard game in the style of ASTROIDS
It's like original Bocce - just bigger!
Let the vagaries of the postal system be your RNG!
A minimalist story RPG based on Zeno's paradoxes
Role Playing
There is a symmetrical picture on this postcard; the sender and recipient must work together to reveal it!
A super-condensed postcard RPG about post-apocalyptic park rangers
An RPG Presentation Party Game for 3 or more players
A postcard game about escaping an untimely fate
An old-timey science RPG for one or more players
A cathartic experience in friendship
A solo RPG of telegram delivery that fits on a postcard
You’re an apprentice alchemist working in a potion shop, brewing up potions for customers
Examine the bird's diet to determine its genus