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One Shall Rise: JAMView game page

Short demo of a 2D metroidvania about growing as a person
Submitted by lukewasthefish (@lukewasthefish) — 8 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline

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Host (3 edits)

One Shall Rise: JAM is such a TRULY BRILLIANT game entry that most definitely puts a smile on our faces for sure, lukewasthefish, and this puzzle-metroidvania richly brings back phenomenally amazing memories of so, SO many ZX-Spectrum owners who actually played such resplendent computer classics as Jet Set Willy, Atic Atac, and even the countless many Dizzy games to name just a few!!!  (^-^)=b !!

The graphics are so wonderful in a lot of places (although a few close pixels are in 1x1 as I have checked up close in a few places, while a rather whole lot of it overall is in an actual 2x1 pixel-ratio format), the gameplay is simply phenomenal, the controls are rather silky smooth and just plain spot-on, and the idea of finding keys and going through doors to explore new places is quite rather plain fun, which lends to the ingenuity factor which scores very, very high marks indeed!!  TOP marks as well for you in the Music/Sound category, as all your music is splendidly original and just plain adds to the overall joy of this game, also!!!  ;) !!

As for theme, my main gripe with it in your entry is that you only got the theme of “Medieval Fantasy meets Prehistoric World” half-right ( :( ! )... if you had’ve actually added some medieval elements — like chariots and ancient crumbling castles from eons past as examples — then this would’ve been rather more convincing for the theme that it was originally intended to be based upon.  Still, there is absolutely nothing game-breaking in your entry at all, as I was STILL quite enthralled by the way you have pieced this whole game together overall, lukewasthefish, as this is such a rather phenomenal entry overall!!  Very highly recommended!!!  (^-^)v !!!

This is a great entry. Clearly a lot of love went into this one. Thank you.


Goddamn i like this game! I think you did the metroidvania/puzzle/platformer very well, and i really liked the graphics, the animation is very fluid and the main character is very charming, the songs are also very nice, overall very good!

The only thing i could nitpick is that i suppose you went for the theme of Medieval Fantasy meets Prehistoric World right? So the problem is that i did not see anything medieval on this game.

But nonetheless i really liked this and i would really like to see the complete game.


Thanks! I was planning on more medieval elements but as the project got more involved they didn't seem to fit with the world.


I agree, some dudes in armor running about on a very organic looking world would look kinda out of place in this game.