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Whaaat is this?

Welcome to the first game jam of the Whaaat!? Festival for 2020! The theme for this month is Identity.  Right now we are surround by cameras and microphones and possibly teddy bears with hidden webcams in their eyes. Not cool! Your task, should you choose to sign up is to create a game about hiding your identity from the technology around you. This could be using webcam filters, voice modulators, real masks, or whatever you can think of. You have two weeks to make and submit your project, with a chance for it to be played on the Whaaat!? Festival live-stream.

In short: create a game about hiding your identity from the technology around you.

Time window: You until October 7th.

Whooo are you?

Exactly! This month's theme is all about keeping your identity hidden, so we don't care who you are! Feel free to team up up with someone too! Anyone is welcome to participate in this jam regardless of registration to the Whaaat!? Festival.

But Whaaat is Whaaat!?

The Whaaat!? Festival is an annual event dedicated to celebrating interactive things that make you think "whaaaaaaaaat!?!?!" This year due to the global situation, we went from a single day event, to a virtual festival you can experience from your own home. Here are some helpful links:

Hooow can I do this?

If you're having a hard time figuring out where to start and what tech to use, try checking out some of these links below. But there is no requirement for submissions to be digital, physical means of hiding are cool too, like real masks!

SnapchatSnap Camera:
Lens Studio
Video Capture Processing:
Video Capture P5.js:
Tutorial from the Coding Train:
Unity Engine
Facial AR remote:
AR Foundation:
Google/Android AR Core: and
Apple/iOS ARKit:
Unreal Engine
Google/Android AR Core:
Augmented Faces:
iOS Live Link Face:
Apple ARKit
Reality Composer and Reality Converter:


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