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Hype Thread (previews/WIPs/Pitches) Sticky

A topic by BasiliskOnline created Jun 23, 2021 Views: 115 Replies: 14
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I dunno exactly how these community forums usually look on here, I don't engage with em much. However I figured one good thing would be a thread where you can drop tweets (or other social media) posts for your fellow Jammers to boost or hype as they wish! Build up, posts about pitches, previews and stuff here. I'll do a separate one for completed games!


A lil Preview/teaser of my game ^^



Damn if I could put some eye emohis on this in here. This looks SO COOL!


At this rate it might take me til deadline for it to come together, but I think there's something weirdly compelling about a kind of "Blair Witch × Mecha anime" atmosphere!


My two games in the bin id have to pull out and dust off are. 

Carbon Punk - A world like ours but where all people are anthropomorphic animals. The world now lives in contained cities using processors to pull carbon from the air to use as fuel. No one wanted to do anything about the pollution and now its too late. This game uses a hybrid system that shares similarities to fudge/fate, powered by the apocalypse and blades in the dark. Carbon Punk takes place at the first point in history that no one alive was alive before the carbon filled the skies. Your characters will operate mechs known as Junkers that use Carbon Cubes to fuel their abilities fighting against pirates, corporations, 

Ruin Nuns - Anime inspired game about Nuns that battle Nuns from other faiths and organizations in regards to discoveries in ruins. You are a part of a group of Nuns that are focused on helping the Rune Items fulfill a wish or hope. This can be getting them to a market to be sold and used again, to be able to tell the stories of their long lost people or even to be used by the Nuns in their fight against Ruin Robbers and the perils that protect the Ruins they explore. This is an offshoot of the currently unpublished Runes and Ruins rpg. Ruin Nuns uses a more specific non setting. The Lost Civilizations disappeared 25,000 years ago. Modern people and their civilizations began around 10,000 years ago. The lost civilizations offer stories from people who no longer exists except for those whose souls were attached to Rune Items. 


I love both of these so much, i do have a thing for battle nuns tho xD

Well Nuns won my poll on twitter. I will start that work soon. With the time constraints I may end up not putting in the lifepath system for this version and finish it later. 


Here’s the preview in PDF:


An homage to Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and that so-groovy-they-must-be-on-drugs NASA space station concept art from the 1970s.


(Old NASA space probes come back, nuke the world, only survivors are up in funky space colonies.)


I’m still working on Pioneers, but I figured I would submit it while working so I don’t forget to do that a month from now.


pioneers is looking so awesome and coming along great!


Thanks! I’m happy with the character sheets, and I only have two more sections to write.

Then all that’s left are the images, and the plaintext, non-landscape version’s CSS.

I’ll just give a little outline right now. I’m working on a GM-less exploration game about persevering long after the end of days. The forces that brought upon the apocalypse are immovable and uncaring, and it’s up to you to find meaning and hold on while you can. Players use a deck of playing cards and a matching set of prompts to take turns describing the obstacles they run up against. Play goes until the survivors give up, or until they find meaning.

I’ve got quite a bit of work to do (obviously) but I plan to have something at least play-testable within the week.


this sounds absolutely great! Im very into tje whole vibe 👀