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WeeklyGameJam: A girl heals radiation throughout herself.
Submitted by ShainaSenpaii, Benji, Felmuffin (@felmuffin), Dr_Monkfish (@JohnNaeder) — 3 minutes, 36 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Audio Experience#13.5563.556
Visual Experience#14.2224.222
Game Mechanics#132.2222.222

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The game looks great, the visuals of this game is its strongest point and combined presentation of dialog using icons, relaxing/soothing music, fun dialog-sound etc. makes it a real treat.

That said, the game-play is rather weak and think the classical platforming is more a hindrance then a boon. I am mostly against having something that does not serves any function in a game and I find that the platform controls themselves really have very little use here. The jumping mostly so, as there are no dangers to avoid its purely used as a very light vertical navigation without any challenge. If that's all its for why have it at all? It can even be said had a negative impact of the visuals, as you had to spend time doing a jumping animation, taking time from improving other visual-aspects (also, the jump animation feels very stiff, as the height you can jump does not correspond/fit the jump-animation that looks more like a small "skip" then a high-jump).

Also, even if there actually was something that made the jumping "useful" it just does not fit the mood/pace of the game. The jump in a platformer is often used as a very intense input/action/challenge, where a jump can mean everything. Your game, however, has none of those moments, its just a spam-able move without much function, it makes it cheap.

Instead, I would have rather seen a simplification of the navigation (just "walk left-right" could work)  and a continued exploration of the other mechanics of the game that are a lot more interesting , for example: The environment healing + key-combo part I think can be used/expanded into more parts of the game, like make the flower/creature interactions a lot more interesting! Maybe have a list of "combos" you can again and use to solve/unlock certain parts (more then the healing), get less radiation gain if you make a good combo etc. Add some dynamic/choice in how so solve the issues at hand (as right now, you only have one choice).

Also, a small note on the visuals, while I really love the look! (Reminds me of a story book, can recommend checking out the game: "Child of light" that uses a water-color style), I am not found of the ground, it really breaks the otherwise awesome presentation (I think you already know this). A quick solution to this that does not use a detailed tile-system, is to place a detailed foreground/foreground-parts on top the ground to hide all the sharp edges etc. (if you want even more dept later you could continue adding a foregrund-paralax layer after that).

Great work! Hope to see more.


Wow! Thank you for such an in detail comment! We really appreciate you taking the time to play our game and even comment with some great, useful tips that would definitely make it better! 

For this game, we had big potential and ideas for what we planned on doing before the weekly deadline, but things had come up. For now it is a simple tutorial that we will definitely expand on in the future. 

Again, Thank You so much for being such an awesome collaborating supporter. We will take your words and advice to heart when we develop this more. 


No problem, always fun to try and comment :) Happy to hear something might be of use. Do keep in mind I'm just one person with my own goals/thoughts of what makes a "good" game. In the end its your game, so use/change what you feel is right for it.


This is a really interesting concept. I like how you tied environmental health into the gameplay. Well done.


Thanks Skrumf :)

I'm glad that came across.


Lovely artwork! I love the peaceful and relaxing vibe of the game. I also like that you go around healing the world. Would like to see more animations and interactions for the healing part. Was a bit confused at first. Maybe add an indication that you pressed the arrows when healing.

Developer (1 edit)

Hi Vanne. Thanks for playing! And great suggestions! The game isn't complete and we would love to revisit it. Teru should actually become mutated when healing plants. We'd love to finish so you can have the full experience.