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Super Finish LineView game page

an arcade block-shuffler!
Submitted by hugeatom — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline
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Was picking some game jam games for practicing design and analysis, here's some thoughts on the subject :) 

I chose this one because I thought the animated gif had an easy to grasp concept, familiar yet innovative. A combination which offers great appeal for a new game. The game actually has a lot of potential, there's great pressure to move quick, the keyboard controls make it semi-difficult to move though and this is both a pro and a con. It adds additional difficulty, but it is interface difficulty which can come off as contrived.

Some thoughts for changes:
I think an adjustment to control scheme could work well, allow mouse clicking and grouping of blocks, but leave moving them to perhaps a more common WASD layout. Also this sort of game works very well in a mobile setting and a mobile-friendly control scheme would also give the game a lot of life.

Add some juice to the bigger combos.

I think moving the whole board right on every turn is a bit accelerated and losing comes quick. This can be fine-tuned in playtesting, maybe every other line build an extra line for the player so they don't get clausterphobic too fast.

The layout is probably more intuitive for the line to be coming down from the top than the side. Again feeding from familiarity with games like Tetris.

Knowing the next line color would be nice for me to set up large combos.

Increasing difficulty by adding more colors over time. Or possibly multiple game modes.

Developer (4 edits)

Oh hey thanks for taking the time to provide such detailed feedback!

This game was mostly an experiment to test out the selection and movement mechanic. In my mind, the ability to vary selection size would allow for a higher skill ceiling, and good players could move blocks around more efficiently.  Ultimately, I think for me it felt too awkward for me to develop further? But you're right, I think it might work better on mobile.

Anyway, thanks for playing!