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Week 61 Theme: 'Update a Game'

Week 61 is over. Are you looking for the next Weekly Game Jam?
Weekly Game Jam - Week 62

What is the Weekly Game Jam?

The Weekly Game Jam is a weekly game-making challenge. Make a game or prototype in a week - stress free. Whether you decide to jam with friends or go rogue, remember to have fun.

Use the weekly theme as inspiration and start building.

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How do I get my game on the website?

For your game to appear on post to Twitter with the hashtags:
#WeeklyGameJam #WGJGame

Only one submission post per game. Don't forget to include:
1. The week's theme
2. The name of your game
3. A link to a playable version
4. A nice picture or video.

What Tools can I use?

Make a card game, a computer game, anything playable. If you're a beginner, you have a lot of options to explore. If you're a seasoned game dev, this is an opportunity to experiment with different tools. Here are some popular game-making tools:

General Game Engines
Unity | GameMaker | Godot | Construct2 | Defold
Text Adventure
Twine | Quest
Pixel Art
Visual Prototyping
Card Game
Dulst |

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macOS (3)
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A game about a game that's being developed.
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Black metal themed action platformer.
weeklygamejam-entry with 'upgrade a game'-theme
Are you ready for the challenge?​​
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Twinkle On!
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A bullet hell rpg with no bullets
Tower Defense without building and placement!
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Move around by pushing and pulling on metals
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Update 8 years in the making
Game for the weeklygamejam - Theme Update a Game
"Updated version" of Astrosmash
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garfield hates mondays
This is a game about a man trying to protect his younger brother in a Post-apocalyptic Toronto
Interactive Fiction
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A tetris game where lines dont fall and you have the abilty to shoot squares
A Star Wars Fan-Game inspired by retro Space Shooters
Remake of an old classic.
platformer in which a ninja goes through a updating level
Pong remake with music effect improvements
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The story of Do and his friends Ra, Mi, Fa, Sa, Lo & Si
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Help your PC to download the new version of your favourite game.
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Don't get caught
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Employee Cards are souls.
Role Playing
Weekly game jam 61: Update a game