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A jam submission

Dual DragonView game page

An adventure puzzle-like game
Submitted by nielisson, JollyGoodDay (@IJollygooddayI) — 4 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline

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New version:

Played it for a while. I'm afraid I don't understand a thing. The description gave me a vague idea that it's a puzzle game and about the good/evil balance thing, but nothing on what I am suppose to do or what my goals are etc. Its very bare-bones and desperately needs more context and information. Without context I have no idea what I'm suppose to do. How do I become good or evil? How does the switching between fire/cold mode work? Whats the ice there for? Is the smaller dragons suppose to meet or what do they do? What my ROLE? Why is being to evil/good a bad thing? Again, why the ice?

While a work-in-progress you have to give the player at least a clue to what is the "right/wrong"-behavior, what are they working towards. I don't want to sound negative, because I can tell how much effort has been given for this game, the art is great, there are animations, the background, the idea itself! there is even some sound-effects etc. But it needs a lot more work. If you did not have the time to give the player more context in-game, then at-least write about it in the description, a "adventure puzzle-like game" does not tell me anything (I honestly don't even know what a "puzzle-like" game is suppose to be).

Also, aside from the context/goal issue, the controls sadly left a lot to be desired. I would recommend checking-out a few other platformer examples, as of now the control is way to floaty (It feels like you are constantly on ice or in space) and makes playing the game itself rather frustrating. The camera also needs work, it stutters and follows behind the player (a good camera does the opposite and is always a bit "ahead" of where the player is going).

The art is there, the theme is there, however there needs to be a more clear context of the goal and challenges. As for now, its more of a nice visual presentation then a game.

Work on it a bit more! Perfect one level, make some technical improvements and I will give the game another try! Great job. Looking forward for more.

Developer  new version. TY for the feedback

Sounds great, will try it and update my feedback.