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Try to roll through the levels without falling down
Submitted by dasPanjo (@dasPanjo) — 7 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline

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The game was great and I really liked the way that you used your obstacles. It had a great learning curve, introducing your movement and obstacles progressively worked really well. By the time I had reached the end I had mastered the plank walk.

My experience with your game really benefited from a controller. The joystick really helped in getting precise control over the ball's velocity.

Another thing that I really like was the 'level' transition. The area popping into existence was a nice suprise for me and was one of the most memorable parts of the game. I would have liked to see this be used more in gameplay aswell as a nice transition. The sections where you used the new level to change the old one worked really well and I would have liked to see it more.

Overall a really good game. It had a beautiful use of simplicity and everything just worked wonderfully. Good job.

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Obviously I had to try it, and as always it was brilliant!

A very classic game, with some very nice twists on presentation that I don't think I have seen in a game before (that's quite dangerous to say though, as most things have been done. Either way that does not detract from your implementation), I will be commenting on this later on. I wont however, comment a lot on the maybe most obvious stuff, but where is a small run through: The theme is very well represented, the minimalist art is very well executed! Nothing unnecessary, good colors, but still quite a few nice smaller details that make the world more "alive" (like the rocks, boat-blimps), some nice fitting music (I think you mentioned in the stream it was a open-source sound, but it's a good choice), and good sound effects for whats important!

It was a long time since I played a game like this, I think the most recent one was the first Super Monkey Ball, otherwise what I will always remember these Ball-Balance games from is the super-frustrating Marble Madness that I played on the Sega Megadrive. Sadly, "frustrating" is what I mostly remember from this genre. A good level/challenge has a very thin balance between: a good distance for the level/way-points, what challenges/environment you need to overcome and lastly the TIME it takes to complete or repeat the challenge. The last point being the most important in my opinion. If the challenge starts getting to long or there are longer wait-times in place that slows down your run, the more punishing and irritating the challenge gets. With that said, I think your levels have a quite good balance of these things! There is a good mix of challenges, with variations on the bridges and moving platforms.

Mostly anyway. There where some parts that I felt where to long to early in the game, while some parts later had very short distances between the way-points instead. The most unforgiving part was the last triple boat thing. I hated that part with a vengeance, it did not help that the boats where designed with a dent in them making me have use a bit more force to get out, and making me constantly miss the other boat! The interaction between the ball and most moving objects in general felt a bit janky at times to be honest, but the boats where the biggest offender.

The part I liked the most (the thing i mentioned before) was the pop-in for the level after clearing a challenge! it's really quite a brilliant way to progress the level! With it, the level stays in the same "world" continually so no annoying loading scenes/transitions, but as the new world does not show itself until i have reached the way-point it does not distract me from the current challenge, it and also gives me a direct "reward" feeling when it pop's-up! Instead of "just" having me get a small "ping" or note that I have reached a way-point. Having said this, I don't know why you made it so I could almost not see the next part of the map appear at some points. It only happened a few times, during the "maze" part I think (and fence). Its not necessary to have you see the progression all the time, but be careful, as the "pop-up" is basically the reward and I felt that I wanted to be there when It appeared. Thunder is a lot more awesome if you both hear the sound and see the lightning-bolt.

Great game! Now give me more levels :P Looking forward to the next one! Cheers.