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Lifting manView game page

Keep lifting as long as possible
Submitted by hostudio — 2 days, 20 hours before the deadline

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I love certain aspects of the game, and greatly dislike other. First of: The theme and especially the presentation is all kinds of awesome! It has this absurdity factor that's hard to pull of with-out going in to the "To-Random"-territory. The weightlifting man got a great animation, the theme itself is strange but logical, the music is also the "right" amount of bad and fits the visuals well. I do however wish you could have done something more with the objects that fall down, they are way to basic compared to the rest. Even having them replaced with some basic 2D-Sprites would have been better.

My largest gripe however is the controls, or the lack there of. In a way it "works", as you could argue the controls reflect the presentation, but the absurd amount of landing-force that makes the character swing just gets irritating. Its basically impossible to plan for a objects landing, as different objects seem to have different landing effect (guessing it also depends on where it lands). So your basically constantly swinging without much control back and forth, until you get a small pause of the items and can keep it balanced. I know it's the hole point of the game, but he is swinging to-much! I just don't feel its optimally implemented. My suggested solution would be to soften up the impact hits and maybe add a indicator directly on the bar that showed where the current weight-center is, that could make the player plan a bit more to what direction to counter balance instead of the almost "trial-&-error" approach right now.

I felt the indicators down at the left and right also does nothing. They are way to far away from the action to pay any attention to, and shows information i can basically already guess by looking at the man.

I also would have loved some "stages", not necessarily levels, but have the weight pattern change as time goes on (start slow, add more stuff later. The old ones could also for-example fall of after a while, making more space for new ones). Or if you want to keep the "endless"-factor, not being able to see the very top of the stack is a large issue, have the camera either zoom out or start panning up making space for more.

In the end! A fun and funny small game, keep up the good work! Cheers.


Thank You for Your feedback! :)

Unfortunately there is always lack of time while doing this jams ;P, I didn't have time to finish falling objects (aaahh, I had beautiful plans :D)

And about controls, I need to admit that UI is pretty bad implemented. The bar above could be this weight-center. It actually shows something almost similiar. It shows how much input gathered from mouse is off on one or another side. But I think I will make this weight-center bar.

While I created prototype this game was .. to easy for me, and that is the only reason why I make weights of each falling item random (altough every shape and color has aconstant weights <- this is not random). I tought that right and left bars would be coolish ui element, but i think i overdid them, so probably will remove it.

Yea, and the think I prefer is to zoom out, and probably implement this when I will have time.

Thanks for feedback, I will surely take that advices into account for this game, and future games. :)


I made an update. Some new things appeared and some old things disapeared :)

Tested it! Some nice changes indeed.