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Combine glyphs and match them up to scarabs to survive.
Submitted by SomeFarang (@SomeFarang) — 2 days, 1 hour before the deadline
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Your game was a challenge in the beginning. After  understooding the game mechanics it went right off! But I still had problems to recognize the colors, even though I have no color weakness. 

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Gave it a try! Mostly played Normal-mode, but did try the higher "difficulties"/Levels. It has a solid concept that fits the weekly theme perfectly, with a presentation that's both very well made and has a easy to understand context for the mechanics of combining colors (with extra help with the Glyphs). There is even a nice classic "ancient Egypt" theme tune! There is nothing to dislike there.

Its a good small game, I do however feel its missing something. One of my main complaints is that it starts to feel very "same-y" very fast and lacks long-term play development, lets see if I can elaborate on this.

A lot of games have a limited "action"-scope (just look at Tetris) however those games gives you more freedom how you preform your actions. In Tetris you can make combos with the blocks to gain more points and its very important where you place your blocks, this enables you to think ahead and changes your play-style. Later, with the increase of speed, you have to adapt and make snap decisions that can have long-term consequences. Glyphics is so far completely reactionary, which is not bad, but as mentioned, it becomes less "interesting" to play as you cant develop a strategy for it.

Another game that your game can be more fairly compared to would be "type"-style games (a more advanced example of this is "Typing of the dead", there are simpler examples), where you must type the correct combination of letters before the "enemy" reach you. However, I would argue that even if those games seem similar to your game, they offer a wider scope. Just the act of typing makes the game more exiting as you are now not limited to 4-keys but the entire key-board! They can also be a unlimited amount of key-combinations arriving on the screen, instead of 12 color combinations. It also reflects the real-life skill of typing, making it more exiting.

So in short: The mechanic here of "only" combining colors and activating it needs something more to make the challenge feel interesting in the long term. I don't think its necessary to add MORE interactive elements or colors (although, on higher levels that can be an option. Also limiting you to maybe 2 colors at lower levels, adding more as you go), instead one potential solution would be to make the beetle spawning more interesting. Maybe add a "level"-design to the game: Have a "map" where the beetles ONLY spawn from the selected location, maybe have one where if the beetles enters a specific area it changes color, have a map that have a almost maze like design so the beetles have to walk further but have more health?/higher spawn rate. Make different beetle types, have some who can take two hits, changes color while walking, can merge with other beetles etc.)

This is just me brainstorming stuff, the point is that I feel the game really needs that extra "spice" that adds a progression to the game and adds something to the otherwise simple input-mechanic.

This became a very long post. Great game! Make more! Love the style! Can be developed further!