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A game about collecting folders
Submitted by Graic — 19 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game mechanics#92.5832.583
Visual experience#103.0003.000
Audio experience#211.1671.167

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like it. A good, short-experience of a person in a seemingly depressing life. The game is a good length for a jam! The text presentation was what really made this go together, with the words sometimes moving gave a good feeling what the character felt. It was however a bit frustrating with the text, as I was clicking to walk as fast as I could I sometimes clicked away the text, missing it or almost missing it at times. More focus could also been given on the text, having even the speed in which its presented showing his mood, and having more dialog on things in his house on in-between the workplace.

The job (game-play) itself is nicely "pointless", while still giving a clear direction to the player to complete. With the monologue being controlled by how many folders I picked-up, i also wanted to pick-up more too hear the rest.

The presentation works very well with the theme, simple and very bare. A lifeless feel for what the character is probably feeling. I'm also not too bothered that there is no sound, in a way its kind of good that its not here. It might have added to too much "life" too the world.

Something that could have spice-up the game length could have been to add a random-generated floors to the office, and for every day that passes the floors increase by one. Making every day longer and longer with more "work". Obviously, this requires also maybe that the dialog changes a bit every day, but you could easily just have him become silent after a few runs. 

I enjoyed the dialog itself quite a lot overall. It was a god way to get more and more information about the character by random thoughts, without ham-fisting me his backstory via a info page or intro.

Great Job! Cheers.


For a moment, I almost stopped playing the game if it'd not been for the dialogues reading my mind:

- Ugg... There is so many...
- This is a torture.

or something along that line.

Also on my second play, I accidentally went back to the stair, all the files were gone and there's no going back so I no longer need to collect all the folders on that second floor. Freedom! :P

BTW, that shaky texts thing looks pretty cool.

I enjoyed the little musings of the character and the art. I also think it works as a metaphor. Wish there had been a second set of dialogue and I was half expecting things to get weeeeird in the basement. But that's probably because there were so many papers! Enjoyed it thanks :)


Your welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^v^


The game mechanic in this is good, you really feel the monotony with the mechanic-as-metaphor thing. Also the art works well.

Not sure if there is more than just the maze, I went back twice but all the thoughts were the same so I stopped there, if there's more, leme know <3 


Yeah it's just the maze, I really didn't have time to make more content. Sorry ;) Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.


No worries, it's still good :D