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A jam submission

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Multi-dimensional platformer
Submitted by Lanz

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I don't know if there is some mad genius to the hole thing, but I found it very very confusing. First of it strait out did not work for me when trying it on the Firebox browser, could not move or anything. Then while playing it on another, the hit-boxes seems completely off centered to the left, so most of the time I end up jumping strait through the platforms, missing the coins and then (I think) landing on spikes. The pipes seem to take me all over the place, I had no clue where I was, if I move to another level or maybe died. For me, its was almost unplayable.

Still, there is something there, if I discount all the technical issues, it seems like a nice concept. Like the almost "Cube"-movie vibe with different rooms with spikes/dangers that you need to avoid, while trying too navigating a quite confusing layout. I think a interesting way to expand the level-concept would to have a Metriod-like map that you can activate too get a overview what room your in, in relation to the other rooms. Making you able to use that information to know what direction you should try and move and progress.

Other then that there is always the more obvious improvements, such as: more danger types, more levels and more sound and visual effects etc.

It needs a lot more work and testing, but there can be something here. Good job. Cheers.