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A jam submission

Le PipeView game page

Classic Idle game submitted for Game Jam Week 29
Submitted by SlantedJ — 2 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline

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I should start saying that I am not a fan of "idle" games like cookie-clicker and the like, but I gave it a try. 

Its alright, I think I have seen similar idle games where you could move around but don't know what components you used from them. But in any case, I liked that you added more point to it then to just walk back & forth (in till you get the magnet-upgrade). The mini-game aspect is something that could be built on a lot more, having several smaller games that activates and gives you bonuses or unlocks certain things after completing them. The one mini-game I tried so far so however, a bit boring, and easy? It might be because I was playing full-screen, but it was VERY easy to dodge all the balls for a long time (way to long, speed it up).

The bonus "credits" Mario-ish-pipe was fun! And that could be backed in-too a lot more in the game! For example: I found having to use the mouse to select things rather unfitting, as the main focus is otherwise to move your character.  So why not add a "shop" pipe, that takes you to a area where you can use your character to walk around and buy things? More stuff like that basically. Maybe show a Bank-vault that shows visually (and not only with a number) how much cash you have managed to gather? etc.

Its presentation is at least mostly functional. I don't mind games keeping it very simple, but with the gameplay itself already being rather basic (or not always that interactive) I feel a stronger focus/care needs to be made for its presentation. A large incentive for me to keep playing could have been to see what these different upgrades look like! More then just give me more cash.

Also a note: The game kind of gets really messed up in a large fullscreen. The icons are invisible, the text is tiny and in odd places etc. You should double-check what happens to the UI when using different resolutions.

Hope to see more! Cheers.


Thank you for your feedback! As I made the resolution settings in the beginning, I forgot to re-check it in the end. It definitely have potential to be a better game with your feedbacks but 1 week is just such a short time, time just passes too quickly especially with school :P Probably won't be updated anymore since its made for the game jam but your feedbacks mean a lot and it definitely will help me on the longer run, thank you very much. Have a good day!