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A game about a goo created from toxic waste who must collect test tubes to survive. Created for the Weekly Game Jam 29.
Submitted by hadiDanial

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I have to be honest that I only played the first and part of the second level because the main part of the game (collect the tubes to the hideout) was so boring. I like part of the idea, the "you drink add tubes to gain effects/powers" has potential and I feel that should have been the main focus for the entire game. At the moment its just a rather tiresome grind getting to and dropping of the tubes, while the effects the gain never really give you anything noteworthy to make the collection easier/faster. Also that you can lose because you drank one to many potions adds even more annoyance as that's the fun part.

The levels are uninteresting and un-challenging, with no incentive to look around more then to find the tubes. I think even a simple "Go-fram-A-too-B" game-play would have been more fun with the mechanic of just the tube-drinking, adding power to make it easier for you to jump platforms, maybe walk on walls etc.

I otherwise like the character-design, it looks great! and has a functional walking/jumping animation. The level however lack that same visual quality, its also all green that does not work well as a contrast to the main character.

Its a game that has ideas that can be made into something greater! So a really good job in the end.

Looking forward for more! Cheers.


Hey, thanks for the feedback :/

Yeah, I can see where you're coming from, I think that would have been better now that you mentioned it actually. I do need to work on my game/level design. Hopefully I can improve that in the future. This was the first time I go beyond making the mechanics, usually I just make those and stop without making a game.
As for the level visuals, yup. I wanted to do something else but I didn't know *what*, and I ran out of time, so yeah. Maybe next time.

No problem! Sorry for sounding so harsh, but wanted to give my honest perspective. And while I did not find in that fun to play, its a very impressive/complete result of such a short jam. There is one every week so do grab another one soon!


No worries, mate. I was looking for feedback, and I got it, so I appreciate it. I spent some time learning the basics of OpenToonz to animate the slime, and I'm glad that at least that part was generally liked :) Thanks for being honest, and I hope to improve in the future.