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Tube Fighter: The TubeningView game page »

You must fight through waves of enemies with only your trusty tube by your side!
Submitted by TDMTim (@TDMTim_Tech) with 4 hours, 42 minutes before the deadline

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So, played it for a while and watch part of your last dev-log, so got a good idea where you are at and if I missed anything of the game. While a good effort, I cant say I like it, as its missing a bit much. So here is my critique.

The combat, the entire game focus, is sluggish and boring. You only have one melee attack that's difficult to see as the camera is zoomed-out so much and the animation is a bit too subtle, the attacks themselves also feels very weak and does not carry any weight when used. The enemies are a even larger problem, its difficult to see when they hit you (I still don't think I have seen there attack animation) and they quickly clump up together in a pack, so the main tactic just becomes a hit-and-run affair, and without a range weapon option that quickly gets tedious. The physics seems to be a bit wonky as well, the enemies kind of "mash" together and kind of "jitter" away when you hit them. I otherwise think the melee knock-back was a good choice, I just wish there was more too the combat. A easy addon would be too make more use of the knock-back effect is by adding traps/pits around the arena so you could push them in too them, that would also make walking around the area more interesting for the player.

The power-ups are very standard. All of them seem to increase your health, with the gold ones giving you max health. I don't like the gold hearts, as it gives you the potential to drag on the game on way to long. Gaining max health also has the potential to make the enemies less and less threatening (Im guessing that there might not be a limit to how many enemies can spawn tho, so I guess the enemy numbers adds too the danger later).

I did not know before watching the dev-log that the blue hearts gave me permanent speed, I get that the effect stacks it gets more useful with time, however I feel like the game is not really made to be played for that long. Think about adding a time-limited power-up instead that gives the player a very strong power but that only lasts for a short period make it more fun and, even if it's on a time-limit, feel more powerful for a while. I do like the bomb pick-up, it is however, very standard.

I would have loved too see a lot more effects from the enemies spawning and dying. At the moment a new enemy spawn the moment one dies, and its very unsatisfying. It kind of makes it feel like the enemy i killed just resurrects instantly and I have made no progress. Add a small pause before the next spawn and have a nice "poff!" particle effect when the old one gets removed and a new one comes in would be nice.

Also, an idea to make the enemies more challenging and prevent constant kiting would be too have them gaining speed the longer they live, making it important to kill them off before they get to fast.

Anyway, a good job for the jam, hope to see more! Focus on the gameplay aspects more and make better games :)



I appreciate the feedback and after reading through your thoughts have noticed a few new criticisms of this game I had not found myself, or heard from anyone else. Which is exactly what I love from the game dev community, so thank you. I would agree that feedback and polish were major things lacking from this game. A better camera angle and a better understanding of when you've hit someone would've drastically changed the game. As well a lot of those balance issues, with power-ups not working as well as they could've, the game slowly devolving into a kite fest, and the very real need for a ranged attack,  weren't fixed or added because of bad scheduling on my part and the hectic rush at the end to just release the game. I am going to join the week 31 game jam and will focus on leaving a lot more time for me to test the game out and tweak and polish till the quality and enjoyment level are much higher.  As well I'm going to focus on implementing one thing at a time till it is perfected(well enough for a one-week game jam). Once again, thanks for the feedback, and for the encouragement to continue. Let's hope this week is even better!

Was fun to write! I enjoy testing others game almost as much as making my own :) My writing is a bit wonky so I hope I made myself somewhat understood. Every game has a potential to become a great game, so its all about improving and taking what worked or could have worked and testing/playing with it in new ways. Looking forward to the next one! Also liked the dev-logs, shows the ambition and made me actually take a closer look and try it out and write about it.