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What happens to a goldfish once he is flushed down the toilet? He goes on a bloody rampage of revenge that's what.
Submitted by Super8BitRafa (@JREAwesome) — 5 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline

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I enjoyed it! A nice Wolfenstein 3D inspired shooter that fits the theme. I like the color choices and the mix of pixel and 3D esthetic, it works well. The music is acceptable if a bit to hectic for my tastes and the pace of the game, and there is at least a gun-sound! Good job!

The enemies are thematic, with a good selection for the time you hade to make this. They come in good numbers and damage values. They are however a bit annoying to fight at times, as the melee enemies had a tendency to walk almost inside of you making you have to awkwardly strafe or back-up to shoot again. Also, they do not seem to be a "true" billboard (not always facing the camera), so sometimes they "disappear" because I'm looking at them from the side. I liked the Gun-rats the most as you where able to dodge there shoots, making it possible to "Matrix" your way through the level.

My largest issue I have in general about the game is in the controls. Wolfenstein, if I'm not completely off, is basically a 2D game that's presented in 3D. So you could not aim “up/down” and the level itself could not have any height differences. In your game you seem to base the level-design a lot on the style of Wolfenstein. As such there is little point to WHY you can aim up and down to begin with in your game, as the aiming only has basically two sweet-spots that you need to constantly try and aim to (down for the rats and slightly up for the bats), it makes the “aiming” part feel rather unnecessary and a hindrance rather then a upgrade from a Wolfenstein style FPS. I feel like there must be a better reason to why I have such freedom to aim and right now the levels just does not support it.
Simple solutions to this could be to: Add interactive buttons that I can shoot on strategic places on the ceiling/walls, have enemies that are more extremely places or have more sweet-spots (head-shoots etc.) or just add some height to the game (Some of these do however take away from the "Wolfenstein" feel.)

Side note: also not a fan of a having to use a controller in a FPS, would have loved the option to use a mouse and keyboard.

Also, on the topic of level design, I did NOT like the last level (what I thought was the last level, the one with the metal-walls). I don't like getting swarmed with enemies as soon as I spawn/start on the level. Do add like a door/safe-room at the start of the levels so I can prepare myself and "start" the next level when I feel like it.

Other then that, we have the more obvious improvements: Add more guns/enemies, make the levels more fun to explore (add keys? secrets? buttons? etc.), add more thematic props (boxes feel way to much like a "filler" prop) that can help you navigate., more sound effects when stuff happens etc. the list can go on forever.

Was fun to play! I actually tested to make a play-recording for the game, but the sound got messed-up all the time so had to write everything instead :P