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My Legs Got TubedView game page

Your doctor just threw away your legs. Have fun! v1.6 out now!
Submitted by Unnerved Studios — 7 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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I really like it. Even though the story is kinda silly, it works. I would've wished that it lasted more, but I get it. Hope they continue to develop it because it gave me Getting over it vibes... but still it has its own essence if that makes sense.

I think that if it turns out to be a level game it will be different and people might like it a lot. The silly controlling is the best. And maybe going a little deeper in the story (even if you continue with the simple one you made) might get people into it mor. But idk though that's what I think, I made a video of it btw, I know that sometimes the experience is better when you say your thoughts about it and if you see how people are playing it. How are the mechanics working and all that.

I know it has its flaws, but I know it will. Hopefully this helped you with something


Hey! Thanks for the response and video! Also the game was made 2 weeks ago. 

There was some strange issues that I noticed in the video. Pressing start in the menu took too long to load the scene. In the cutscene, the music plays twice and the characters arms and legs sometimes aren't attached properly. In the rest of the game, going through doors/pipes takes a while. Finally, the tube system area is way too dark. In my tests, none of these things have happened. Could I know what platform you're playing on and some specs? I want to get these kinds of problems fixed before the update.

p.s The game was made 2 weeks ago, not 2 years ago. 

Oh, I'm sorry about the messing up with the date of making the game... I really don't know what was going in my mind. I made the correction in the description of the video. And I played it her on itch. I didn't download the game, I played the HTML5 version of it. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Thank you! The Download should have much better performance than the HTML. I'm going to release the new update after I finish creating my new website.


Yes, I thinkg I should better download it. I will be waiting for it!

I love it! In my opinion one of the best games in the tube jam. The story is so dumb I love it, and you pull it off great with the presentation and the continues use of a similarly ridiculous "tube"-themed world. The art-style is great with the 2D stickfigure faces and the simplistic style of the world with a surprisingly amount of details and locations. Great job on the level-transitions as well, it all made sense and was a great way to use the 3D perspective in the game with otherwise 2D-gameplay. 

I am also very impressed by having a actual opening sequence! That's some ambition for a small Jam game. I love the extremely wonky "animations" of the characters, as it just adds more too the strangeness of the world. My only gripe is that it felt at bit cut-off from your starting position, as the other are just gone when you start playing. It would have been nice with them basically telling you (the character) that your on your own, as it feels a bit odd why you would even leave your bed with no legs in a hospital in the first place if you did not know what happened.

With the world presentation is as it is, I also love the equally "terrible" gameplay (and with that i mean awesome gameplay!). The wonky and "bad" controls are whats becomes the challenge itself and is just fun. Its kind of a badly done "Octodad" or "Getting Over It", where you just flail your arms around to try and get somewhere. You even had the time too present some nice in-game tutorial clues and some nice physics objects too throw around. While I enjoyed just moving around and there was some challenge in getting up on stuff, It would have been nice with some more actual dangers, like some basic platforming or having to time your jumps, maybe avoiding a car/train etc. As long as the reset time is not to bad if you fail, there should not be a problem to have a fail-state even with the "terrible"-controls.

On a last note, its really missing a soundtrack and some effect sounds, its what really would have tied the world together. You could have also added some nice background-character reactions (similar too the cut-scene) that talks to you as you move around.

I would love to see more in this style! I have skeptical about the game until I played it, give me more :)



Woah, thanks for the feedback! I've been working on many new features for the upcoming update that includes a lot what you've suggested.

First, I'm re-designing the starting area. You've made a good point, throwing all these new mechanics at the player is overwhelming and can be hard to understand. I should try and combine this with some 'regular' platforming elements to help them learn some basic arm skills while keeping some familiarity. At the moment, the learning curve lets people who understand the arms to climb up, but it leaves others struggling at the ledge. Another problem that needs fixing with the starting area is the abrupt transitions (as you mentioned, especially after the cutscene). I'm trying to get this done with a simple and quick fade to black, but the UI system is being difficult. For the cutscene, I'd probably have to do something more elaborate.

Another thing that I've been working on is dangers. If you fall off a roof, you shouldn't be alive. So now, at the front of the hospital, you die when you jump off the roof. I've made this change to add a new 'rooftop' area. This will allow me to introduce dangers, checkpoints and use more basic platforming elements, like pits. At the moment, I have made the dangers, but I've just begun work on checkpoints. My idea is to have LittleBigPlanet style checkpoints that would allow you to make and learn from mistakes for each obstacle (but only a certain number of times). It's funny that you mention having a train as a danger. I think you know why I wanted to add a train station to the game.

Finally, I have been working on a sound system for the game. All the sound effects should work fine. The only problem is the soundtrack. I only have a guitar, and I can't write anything that I feel fits the gameplay and theme. I'm a bit stuck there. In the update, expect to see some sounds but don't keep your hopes up for an awesome soundtrack.

Thanks a ton for the feedback. It helps a lot and is definitely being taken into consideration.


nice graphics, terrible gameplay


I'm sorry that you didn't like the game. Could you go more in-depth about what you didn't like?


the controll could be better and game is empty for me in some ways, controlls in tge game nice idea but not well implemented.Had some problem with jumping and all this stuff.