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Weekly game jam 28
Submitted by tigersonalex

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Lets be honest, the best part of the game was the art and even that needs more work, like colors and most of all: Animation. Without it, everything  felt like static cutouts that while visually interesting, lack any personality and felt very misplaced without context.

I don't want to sound to harsh, but the game lacks way to much in good basics. The controls and the movement is way to flimsy and feels bad, the shooting is lackluster, the AI non-existent and the level itself is just... plain and barely functional.

As mentioned, I find that the art seems to be the games main focus and because of that I would recommend a game-type/genre that's just easier to make then a 2d-plattformer. Like a auto-runner or a top-down shooter of some kind, of which you can find tons of tutorials everywhere. Or just make a purely story based game, something like a interactive comic that puts the art at its full use.

In the end, I'm just throwing out suggestions, so take from it what you will. It is your game :)

Hope to se more! Keep at it.



Hello! Thanks for you comment Hauo and yeah, i can't really disagree with you the game is barely a game, broken and not fun. We've learned a lot about working on game jams tho so i think we'll be able to make a better work next time. So, thanks