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Submitted by MissingTheMoon (@indie_maker_bot) — 8 minutes, 3 seconds before the deadline

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A odd game, and while I did not find it very entertaining, I can enjoyed the idea itself. The presentation is alright, if a bit plain. The "mode-switch" kind of works, but its a bit difficult to control, as you don't se that far away you cant really "plan" instead only react and switch to the best option. 

Keeping a constant high speed felt like it should have been the main main part of the game, even three of the four mode-options is about speed. But to actually defeat the enemies you have to use the much slower "charge-up" option making it feel very counter intuitive and making the other speedy options feel only like escape tools. 

I think the core of the game should have borrowed more from racing games, where the main point is to be able to maintain your speed on the track and direction on the map, keeping the player wanting to switch modes to always maintain the best possible speed depending on the terrain. I feel the goal should also change, as trying to chase these blobs was just not very fun, not to mention it was difficult to even know where to chase them after you reached max power as there where no indication where they where on the map (at least I could not figure it out).

The side swap was also a bit sloppy, as the teleport and camera movement got very disorienting, might have been better to just have walls around the place.

In short: More about speed, less about trying to find a sweet spot to charge-up and then chasing elusive enemies.

A good submission nevertheless and hope to se more.



All the things you said are spot on, and help me a lot.

Thank you for the criticsm and kind words, I appreciate them a lot!

Glad you found it useful! Always fun to play-test stuff :)