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A jam submission

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Rainbows End - Platformer
Submitted by Thinking Frog Studios — 3 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline

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About how long would this take to play?

Very cute. Great art and fitting sounds and music. I found the game-mechanic fun for a otherwise very basic plattform and came to enjoyed for its simplicity :)

It reminds me a bit of a grappling-hook mechanic, in games like Bionic Commando. However I'm not so sure if it was the right choice to also make it the offensive move, as removing enemies got extremely easy to the point that they felt rather pointless. I get that its not suppose to be a hard game, but even cute games can be challenging (just look at Yoshi's island). If using the small rainbows gets you higher up, a classic Mario stomp would have been a more fitting fighting move.

There is also the issue with infinite rainbows. Right now I can just spam rainbows, taking a strait path up. There is no challenge in that, so the very environment, while good looking, becomes pointless. Instead maybe having a X nr of uses of the rainbow, that then only recharges when you stand on solid ground (or go next to a certain object?). That would make you have to try and plan your way upp from platform-to-platform and make the environment part of the challenge.

Also, as the game is mostly vertical, enemies that have a flying or a shooting move would be cool to actually challenge your climb up, as the current land walkers do not pose much of a threat.

Aside from that, the game could do with more tweeking. The controls/movement in general where a bit flimsy and there where some gaps in the art (like the black sides).

A fun game, looking forward for more!



Thanks HAUO

Getting it even noticed and 1 review is amazing, it's the second game I have made and did the best with the time I had. But thank you so much for the positive comments and also the advice. I will take it into account on my next game.

Thanks again

Sparrow Hawk

No problem! Playing it and reviewing it is its own reward :) Hope to see more.