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A 1-bit Unicorn platforming adventure created in just 3 days for WGJ28!
Submitted by Super8BitRafa (@JREAwesome) — 6 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline

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Woho! Played it again, my followup thoughts here.

The stuff I like remains the same: Good visual design, especially the unicorn and its animation, good music and fun with the bullet effects.

The game seems a bit better in some aspects, with more levels (made it to level 5, I think), however they feel a bit unbalanced now, level 2 felt way harder then 3 or 4. 

I think my biggest issue is still the level design. It really needs more polish and more play-testing. There where quite a few places where you had to do a "jump-of-fate" and other where those splitting Ball enemies where places so you could not pop it without having the smaller spawns land in your face. Also some levels you missed a block placement, making you fall endlessly. I think I could be more forgiving of the level-design if the jump control wasn't so unresponsive at times, making you just dive to your death. Combined that with the instant-killing spikes, and most runs became very frustrating with just waiting for a jump to not register.

In the end, a game with potential as a quick-play-plattformer if it gets more polished.