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A jam submission

Tower of Light: Light Reflection Puzzle GameView game page

Short puzzle game about reflecting light.
Submitted by PseudoDuo — 11 hours, 49 minutes before the deadline

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Finished it. A very good looking 3D game for the time-frame, the effects are especially impressive. It was fun to se a 3D puzzle game that used mirrors and lasers for the puzzles, and the controls to aim them was easy to use. The first-person control was a bit clunky but you had my favorit feature in a fps game: You can walk ANYWHERE, no invisible walls or other stuff, was fun to jump around and explore the little floating platforms.

The puzzle itself however, was very lacking. While it had a very clear goal: Aim the Lasers at the correct crystals using the mirrors when needed, the activity to do so was boring and mostly archived with trial-and-error. Because all the laser are below the platform and the crystals very cluttered, it was very difficult to see what your aiming at. Some lasers you could stand on the large platform itself to aim, so no problem there, but some you had to walk down and try and se if you hit the right crystal, but it was more or less impossible to se the crystals or there color from off the platform. The puzzle logic is also just a bit too straitforward and could use a few more layers to it.

In the end, I feel that it would have been better to divide the map more, and have a separate mini-puzzle per laser instead of placing them all together. Also maybe having a mechanic where some lasers open/activate other mirrors, so the goal is not only to aim all the lasers in any order, but to also use them to make it possible to use other lasers.

In the end, a game with great potential with further development.



Very solid critique! Thank you for trying it out. XD

Thanks for making it :) Always fun to try-out new stuff