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Origami KatanaView game page

Defeat waves of enemies with your 3 unique weapons. Manage your weapon cooldowns correctly to get the highest score!
Submitted by necrosaint — 1 day, 3 hours before the deadline
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Your awesome trailer sold me the game!

I like this fun implementation of the Rock Paper Scissors idea. Running feels very nice, maybe double jump would also be good. Art, UI and sound looks consistent.

I got not a big honest score (267), after some wave there are too many enemies for me and I can't reach more, but there is small abuse when a player can climb up on height and shoot enemies infinity, so I got 837.


Thanks for the kind words!

Double jump may indeed be a nice addition to hop over big mobs of enemies...

We recently spotted that abusable spot too. You can count 837 as your high score for ingenuity if you like! :D


Gameplay is fun! Weapon switch cooldown is an interesting mechanic. I love how the enemies flee when you're holding their weaknesses. However, the game runs with a bad framerate for me, so I think the level could use some optimizations, if possible.

Katana feels a bit underwhelming to use. I noticed I have to be *really* close to golems before I can hit them.

Also, that tutorial is amazing!


Thank you for the feedback!

We're aware of the optimization issues and identified a few causes. We'll be putting a patch out with a better frame rate in the next few days.

Balancing the katana has been pretty tricky... We'll have to keep playing with it. We're glad you like the tutorial too, thanks!


The game is visually nice and the level is cool ! The weapon change slowdown might be a tad too long.

I love the shuriken throw feeling, maybe there's something to explore with this :)

(oh, and you're crazy for making a tutorial like this haha !)


Thanks for your kind words and feedback!

We wanted the weapon cool down to feel punishing, but in a fun way. I think it feels about right when you're in the middle of a big fight, but it definitely feels too slow when you know you've won the round and need to wait 5 seconds to kill the last enemy... We'll look at tweaking it!

(Our play testers said they found it hard to know which weapon to use, so the tutorial video felt necessary! :D )

Developer (2 edits)

Our highest score is 757, let us know if you do better!