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The Scientifically Accurate Forming of Gas Giants - Weekly Game Jam 140 [[2nd place overall]]
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Visual Experience#14.5334.533
Audio Experience#23.8003.800
Game Mechanics#43.8673.867

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Great game ! Had trouble to run this game on firefox but it's ok.


Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know.  I have to really pay attention to testing on other browsers


Wow! I really enjoyed the puzzles and wish there were more! The 2 mechanics of gaining a blobs of oil and the runes to change positions was really creative. Really felt like a top notch puzzle game! Great job!


Awesome! I love the art style (nice colour scheme btw) and the levels are designed really well, bravo! Puzzle design is not an easy thing :P As many people have said speeding up the movement would definitely help, as well as an undo button. I also found that the end of a level was a little underwhelming, I was expecting him to fall through the whole an the camera to pan down to the next level or something, as if he is getting deeper and deeper into the ground (I thought that's why it was a hole in the ground). Plus the circle transition felt a bit long :P Otherwise I really like this game, fits really well with the theme and the puzzles are great! Just wish there were a bit more :P Really well done for one week though! Congrats :)

Also I would really appreciate it if you would check out my game too, thanks :)


Nice work! Looks and sounds great and is a fun puzzle concept.


Very nice pixel graphics!

Audio is pretty nice too, only thing I felt can be improved is the movement, which feels a bit too slow.

Other than than nice work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I think the music sounds nice and I love the way it dynamically switches when I got all the right pieces it just feels amazing and the way it switches to the upbeat version I really like it. It does feel a bit repetitive and too 'loud' for a puzzle game and gets annoying when I stuck though so I think it needs to be a longer track.

I think that movement is a bit annoying due to having to wait for the oil to slowly move and the animation. I feel it might be better with snappier movement. I also think an undo button would be super helpful!

I think the presentation is pretty good though. I like the use of screen transitions and everything.

The main game mechanic is genuinely quite a bit of fun to figure out how to solve puzzles and I am glad I was able to figure out how to Runes worked just by experimenting and making assumptions. That's great.

I do think having the sprites of the things you eat be randomly chosen is an interesting experiment and I can see now that it doesn't really work for giving the game a sense of consistency. It was definitely worth trying to see how it worked but I think game design wise it can confuse the player as all the same creatures behave the same but look different.

Also good job including the level name and making it very visible for each level. That's something I am very happy that your team made the effort to do.

I like this entry quite a bit. I just wish it was polished a bit more, specifically with just way faster movement and an undo button. Thanks for making this game. It does feel it ends a bit abruptly but the fact I am wanting more levels is a nice sign all things considered.


Thank you so much for the feedback! We had some issues with our sound engine which made it a bit tricky to do the dynamic switching hence why I didn't make make the song any longer. I tried to compensate by spending a lot of time on the menu theme but ran out of time to finish that one either so it also became a bit short, hehe.
We've been thinking about tweaking the movement quite a bit if we do a post-jam version of the game. Your comment helps re-affirm that this is something that would elevate the game. 

We ran into a few gamebreaking bugs(an out of bounds one and a couple of sound related ones) when making this and I hope we'll take time to make a polished version!


Looks great, sounds great, nice idea!