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Weekly Game Jam #14 entry - Theme: BEES!!!
Submitted by Sciaracastro — 2 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline

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Nice idea. Enjoyed trying to get the bee in the gold cup! Did it twice!

I had some issues with it.

  • Sometimes my bee would bounce perfectly vertical so the bee wouldn't move at all. It would just bounce up and down until it timed out. This even happened once immediately after I launched the bee
  • Sometimes my aimer would go crazy and I couldn't point the bee above the horizontal (so it would shoot backwards away from the board).

I also feel the line doesn't accurately display the angle which the bee will launch at. Made me feel like the game is cheating me. I think that's because the line is the launch angle, but it looks like it touches cups so I'd assume the bee would go that direction, but it doesn't because of perspective.


hey man! thanks once again for taking time to give feedback!

i am aware of the first issue, but had no time to look into it. i guess it's probably caused by the materials i am using.

i cant replicate the second issue. what i guess is that the game controls arent so explicit and probably you are aiming in a way i didnt take into account :D 

As for the angle, you are totally right: at the moment it's a fixed angle. If i had more time, I would make it change with mouse dragging backwards, but I really had no time to do that and to make the UI more clear for the purpose.

I guess I had to spend too much time learning Blender from the scratch :)


My favorite one ! The bee ball is so cute ! And the game is realy fun ! Bravo !  ;-)



The game was my first attempt to Blender and tried to keep thing simple :D