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Horror game set inside a maze, find your way out while escaping the Maze's denizens!
Submitted by enricortinovis, Adi (@AdiKeltsh), Lynx — 1 hour, 10 minutes before the deadline
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This game looks really cool on your screenshots and definitely something I would enjoy but I can't get out of the cage, I tried pushing it like it says to and trying other angles and even tried sprinting at it with Shift key but it stays locked but makes the audio noise for the cage door.  Also tried pressing other keys and found pressing E key does this.   Seeing that other people have managed to get out the cage, maybe it's something I'm doing wrong lol


Thanks for the feedback! To exit, after it says to push the door, you first need to find it, and push for a couple of seconds holding "W". Unfortuntaly the game doesn't have actual instructions, because me and my team thought to insert them in the dialog system. If you had exited the door, after a few seconds, the player character would have explained how to use the key "E". We are now already fixing those issues, as many people couldn't exit the cage, and we made it more clear on how to do it! Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for playing, hope you'll be able to do it now!


This game is really awesome has really cool graphics but i cant play all of it because it really scares me .Also this game just give me a horror vibes.


Thanks a lot for your feedback! :D 


I tried playing it but couldn't get out of the locked door


Hi, to get out the cage, you need to find the door, and (as the player character will say) push it a few times! 


I tried walking into the door 5-10 times and nothing happened. A sound effect played each time though.


Did you push the door for a little bit? Try even pushing for a couple of seconds! That's really strange. 

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These characters/sounds are horrifying, definitely not my type of game felt like I would die from a heart attack every second. But besides that very cool and well made game and interesting take on the theme as well with the following of the different monsters :D


Thanks a lot! :D