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Puzzle game made for the Weekly Game Jam 130
Submitted by AlexNaie
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Visual Experience#83.7503.750
Audio Experience#302.2502.250
Game Mechanics#501.5001.500

Ranked from 4 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Good job with the atmosphere and the graphic assets, a good creepy music would make it even more immersive.

If you want check our game too!


Well, I understand where the hefty download comes from! Maybe consider using slightly lower res assets next time? Not only for the download size but also for the people that don’t have a gaming computer (game was lagging a lot in my computer) :P

Obviously the graphical assets were good. However there were a lot of graphical glitches (walls that didn’t intersect fully for example), hovering objects everywhere (not sure if intended?), lighting problems in some areas and on occasion light sources / objects that were in one location and after walking around for a bit they appeared in another.

For the puzzle itself I felt for the most part that you just need to walk around until text shows up telling you to press E or Q and then you just look around to see what triggers that behavior. Also, not sure if it was just me that didn’t figure out the puzzle but I stopped playing after getting stuck in a part where I picked up a key and I could see a door through the glass that would take me to the unlock next floor button but after going to the other side of the wall where I could see the door at there was no door to be opened. I guess I won’t see the end of the puzzle…. Which is probably why I don’t see a relation to the “Death is Awarded” theme.


Hey Rui! Thanks a lot for the feedback you gave us! You among other people who sent as feedback helped as a lot to repair, fix and add a few things! Three minutes ago I just updated the game here on itch and I would be really grateful if you had some time to see how's everything feeling now!

Now as a more detailed answer to your review:

1. You are definitely right about the assets, I obviously used big assets without  any good reason in some cases.

2. The hovering is As Designed, the lights were changing were you were going through the portals (I know that you probably don't know what the portals are since they were not highlighted in any kind of way but now they are, I feel really bad that I didn't make the portals to look like portals in the first place, I hope it's not to late now). 

We fixed the walls.

3. That door it's part of the puzzle (too see it just from one point of view some times). I am sure you will understand now how to do that part too if you will give the game a second chance.

 Thanks a lot! I really hope you will retry the game. We are really curious about what you think now since you played the first draft too!


Hi! Got to play the game again, really liked how the changes give you a lot more context about what is happening. And now I definitely got to see the relation to the theme :)


Something very unsettling about being in a tight unfinished high rise, this was very creepy and I didn't expect it to be. Good job with the atmosphere :)


Thanks a lot!