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Refuel and Return!View game page

Safely land on planets to get resources for warping home!
Submitted by Keith Jerosky (@jolt527) — 3 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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I made it back home. My skills and training served me well.
Great game engine. Luckily, the thrust is strong.


I’m glad to hear you made it back alive! 😉 Thank you for playing!


Had great fun, very addictive... Good Job!


Thank you very much! ☺️


Its a really good game, but I died more times than I died in all the Dark Souls games combined.


Thanks for the feedback! 😊 Gravity is a harsh taskmaster, that’s for sure!


this is like Gravity all over again XD


“Gravity”, the movie? 😛


this game that i played as a kid

ahh  the memories


here's a link for a video of it by someone BTW


Oh, that’s cool! I didn’t know about that game, lol. 🙂


Hey, cool game :) I had some difficulty to properly land (but I think I'm just bad at it haha). Anyway it's a good concept because I replayed it several times trying to get better !


Thank you for checking it out! 😊

Yeah, landing is a little challenging…don’t forget to use the speed and angle indicators on the right side of the screen to help out! Also, if you basically keep your ship’s nose pointed away from the planet and slow yourself down a lot, landing should be a little easier. I half thought about making those indicators pop up around your ship in a way that would make it more apparent (like a HUD overlaying the ship), but I ended up going with the indicators on the side for the release.

I appreciate the great feedback!