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Starving ArtistView game page

make relevant art (or starve)
Submitted by Jon Topielski (@jontopielski) — 5 minutes, 1 second before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Visual Experience#34.2004.200
Game Mechanics#93.4003.400
Audio Experience#132.8002.800

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Neat concept, solid UI. As with others, very curious as to the algorithm at play here. Best of luck!


Thanks. It's not a very complicated algorithm to be honest.

When you paint, you're actually drawing squares onto a 2 dimensional grid which register what color is being painted. When your painting is ready to be sold, the grid is iterated on and various metrics are recorded and averaged out - things like canvas coverage percent, average RGB values, HSV values, etc:

And then based on the "criteria" (which is determined from the news stories), the final payout / score is calculated:

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I've changed to Firefox and i managed to play it :). Very cool idea to tie the painting mechanic to the world news. I don't know what algoritm you use to make a connection between each picture and the world event, but it's brilliant. The retro music reminded me of Maniac Mansion game. I would love to see more news, maybe also a tv or a wall of tvs and the painter would need to find a theme. Also a timer maybe. But very interesting idea!

I've tried the WebGL version in Safari and Chrome I got this error   "abort(114). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info".  

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Thanks - I appreciate the kind words! Glad you got a chance to play it and thanks for helping me debug the issues. I like the suggestions too. If I ever decide to make a longer version I might incorporate some of them


Np, happy to help :)


Great game!

I liked it, thanks. Wish I could make so much in real life.


I see you got the inspiration from Passpartout. But the game is glitchy. The audio glitches whenever i select a new color, and it ruins the experience. The music is a good touch tho. The UI looks clean and the sprite work is cool. This game isn't bad but needs work. All and all a solid entry. Kudos!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Holy cow that game is really similar to this game.. from the similar style of painting to the newspaper references to even the name! But I actually never heard of that game before so maybe similar art game developers think alike?

I'm glad you brought up the audio glitches because I do agree with you that it makes the game really unpleasant. I looked for ways to optimize my game but the root cause of the issue is that the game makes a significant number of draw calls per second to render the art. This approach doesn't scale very well when there is a lot drawn onto the screen. I tried changing my render engine from GLES2 -> GLES3 but it didn't help. I started to reduce other objects drawn onto the screen, such as the background bricks, by making them more primitive to help alleviate some of the GPU load, which helped a little bit.

My band-aid fix for this issue is adding a mute button. While not the best solution, at least the glitches go away. I should add that when downloaded, the game doesn't seem to glitch as often, which leads me to think the frequent draw calls is a little too heavy for browsers anyway


Lol thats a cool coincidence. And i guess the mute  button fix will work, if there's no other way, but audio is necessary to give the game the vibez. But hey, it's a good game. Well done anyways! :)


i tried to play it but it crashes on both builds. It looks fun from the images.


Aw shucks :( it’s very memory heavy. I’ll have to go back and optimize it more at some point


i've tried playing Lyre Lyre and it give me the same error "Cannot read property 'split' of undefined"


Is this on browser, windows, or mac?


i have a mac


I crashed a lot trying to go from level to level otherwise intresting concept

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hey thanks for the feedback! I just reuploaded all the builds, so it should crash less although the browser build I uploaded seems to be a little laggy