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WGJ #111 - Portals
Submitted by mapsandapps — 3 days, 16 hours before the deadline
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Good work! I'm always liked games like these, even if them stump me after awhile. I really liked the levels that took good advantage of the portal mechanic.


I really like this one, there's some very solid level design here and I had a good time playing it. It was cool seeing how the portals work since you still keep the direction you were moving when touching one and teleport accordingly rather than straight to the other portal. It made me think. If you were to work on this after the jam I'd add some sound and maybe tweak the borders a bit since I noticed the edges sometimes were getting cut off. Good job though,  I had fun!

Submitted (1 edit)

Haha! I used some of the same sprites for the Kenny Jam that took place a few weeks ago!

Needless to say, I love the art - very simple and childlike. But boy, can looks be deceiving!

This game actually made me think way more than I thought it would. The mechanics are simple, but each puzzle utilized them in such clever ways that I loved! I think you've some talent for level design.

As others have already brought up, the difficulty curve was on point. The only gripes I had were:

- Having to use the mouse to navigate the menu
- Parts of the screen were cut off

Other than those (and a lack of a proper menu), this game's got serious potential!


Really awesome! Just needs to be able to go to the next level on Enter and restart on R instead of using the mouse. That one little change would make it pretty perfect.


Nice game! I enjoyed the puzzles, especially the last one. Great work!


I really enjoyed this game!

The mechanics fit the theme perfectly and were perfect for a puzzle game. And despite its simplicity, the mechanics had a bit of nuance in their specifics that made things interesting. 

I also really liked the level design. No puzzle felt out of order, the difficulty curve was perfect. 

My only real problems are that the skin is sometimes a bit too small to see the entire area you have to work with. I think that it's fine to just zoom out a tiny bit.

It's also weird how the game just goes back to level one immediately after your win. You still have a lot of time to have a menu screen and a victory screen. While, trust me, I know that it's incredibly tedious and annoying to implement these, it's still good to build that discipline in your projects.

All in all, remarkably solid!