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A stealth game where you use cheats to stay hidden, while eliminating all the hostiles
Submitted by PowerfulBacon, Supermafia00 — 8 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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A great time!

I genuinely enjoyed myself going through this game, and it was out of sheer fun that I tried to beat it. Shooting the goons is very satisfying, and I like the (Not sure if this is a thing) elevator aesthetic throughout the entire level. It's important to remember how much I truly love this game as I list its flaws.

- The wallhack doesn't differentiate between goons behind walls and goons right in front of you. This actually caused me a death, as I had to take a second to check whether or not the guy could see me.

- There's no indication that your cheats are limited (at least, that I noticed) and it took a bit of confusion for me to work things out. Most people browsing a game jam won't have the patience for that.

- The turrets went off at one point even thought I still had CPU and my turret hack was enabled. I don't know if this is a problem with coding or a problem with communicating how the turret hacking works. 

- Hitting people with a melee attack is very unsatisfying, as there is no noise.

- I didn't even know you could run out of ammo until my last game. Maybe add an ammo meter on the HUD or allow you to pick up some ammo off of some dead guards- When I got back to the first elevator, a black rectangle took of the middle of my vision. I think this might have been a malfunctioning menu, but I'm not sure. The game wouldn't progress and I had to use the windows button to exit the game. I'm not even sure if there are multiple levels, as it got stuck like this after completing level one.

While there are a lot of problems, they mostly don't detract from the overall experience. Besides, mo' content mo' problems, right?


Hey, thanks for playing through the level and spending the time to post such an in-depth review. I appreciate your points as they are all very valid. I think the major issue was with poor communication of the game's mechanics to the player, thanks for pointing this out; will be very helpful in the future :)