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The Theme

A topic by totallynotphen created Mar 10, 2017 Views: 122 Replies: 7
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The theme is kinda weird can someone explain it? Can I just ditch the theme and will my submission still be okay?


Well it's all about being weird here :) There are 2 themes, you can choose either of them or mix them up. - this wrench but "of the night land", but you can interpret them as far as your imagination can go - infinity :)

Second "Gigantic wine hall" - same here, there should be some kind of wine (doesn't necessary has to be actual real world wine, as long as in your world it's a wine) and enormous hall.

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By that I mean, wrench shouldn't be the exact same shape if it makes the same function, or other way - it can look the same, but be for example magical :)

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Idk it just seems like the theme doesn't give me much space to flourish and create a game.


I think you can create something on any theme you like. It's not bad decision, It's ok to do so! In game jam you have to be inspired about what you are doing, I understand you here. But I cannot change the theme now, so just do something on any other theme you prefer. You can make, for example, a space game where you have ship repairing - just use wrench model or sprite and make that you have to find this wrench to repair your ship in night land.

While making your game just find a place to include things from the theme. Hope It helps :)


I like it!

It doesn't work at all for the type of game I was expecting to do before the theme was announced, and at least my specific brain doesn't like empty spaces, so I was already thinking of a specific style. After I've seen the theme, I have my basic idea together now, and this is going to be very different, so a really good challenge!


I like the spirit !!! Keep it up !!!


All your submissions are OK. But I guess if there is nothing from the theme, people will just leave a low grade on Compliance With Topic. Though, it's only 1/10 of the total grade. Good Luck!