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Hang on to every heartbeat
Submitted by SadJesterGames (@SadJesterGames) with 1 day, 5 hours before the deadline

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@Jupiter_Hadley Thank you so much. We're really happy you liked and showed our game :)

Really interesting game. Loved the meaning behind it. I included it in part 6 of my WAG Challenge compilation video series, if you'd like to take a look :)


@Hyper Wow! Thank you so much for your wonderful words. You catched 100% of what I was trying to say with this game. I was a little afraid the metaphorical part was to subtle, since this is actually a writing contest... and there is no much text in our game.
But I also believe that "writing" for a videogame is much different from writing for a book, movie or comic... and gameplay is interconnected with the story, even without text.
Your "Vessels of Vantos' Will" is quite an amazing... what an imaginative story!
I wish you all the best of luck with it.
There really are some great games in this WAG contest!


I must say that this one was not one I expected within the competition in a good way. You do take a kind of literal interpretation of going down the rabbit hole, but you then put a more metaphorical meaning on top of it which I found pretty fascinating.

The part I found most interesting was not when the player was doing things correctly which is of course also filled with good design choices (negative speech bubbles disappearing through hearts). It was when the player messed up causing things to come flooding back in (if I remember correctly). The pain is clear, and the effects seem to mirror reality very well. That to me is the heart of good metaphorical gameplay. Good luck to you, but I don't think you will need it!


@qualifiedbadger Thank you very much for your appreciation! I've been away and I've still haven't found the time to play you "drunken girl" game .. but I'll certainly give it a try next week :)


Wow... really moving, and not at all what I was expecting. Not much I can say about it, but definitely recommended.


@Mask Thank you VERY much! It's never an easy matter to talk about. We did our best.


Nice work with this one. Clever idea, and important message. It managed to move me near the end. Good job!