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Cosmic Wandering - for HTC ViveView game page

Wander through a shape-shifting cosmos.
Submitted by Punchey

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Cosmic Wandering - for HTC Vive's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Did you have fun playing this game?#34.8334.833
Are there cats?#53.9893.989

Ranked from 90 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Game looks gorgeous and I'd love to play it, but I don't have a Vive! Will you be at the showcase on Monday?

Beautiful visuals. The puzzles are fun and I like that you don't instruct the player. Love that you have to explore!


Ok, glad you've submitted then, more good games to play :). If you're saying it's your friends who have voted then ok, I've got no problem with it :)


It wasn't released after the deadline. There was an error in the submission process that caused it not to get listed initially, and Mr. Calvert had to send us a special link to fix it. As for the comments, have all your friends try your game and rate it.


How this game can have 19 votes, when it was released after the deadline and all guys commenting below have registred the account just same time they've posted the comment?

game was pretty good! Try it out

Awesome game

nice dude

great game

this game is BA

This game is rockin

loved the game play!!

That was neat! Was able to run the game and make my way through the three levels. The last one I was very confused -- but it just ended when I gave up on the star control and walked forward. I never really used the squeeze control for rotating and stuck with the touch pad. Movement was slow which makes sense since you didn't want to cause sickness, but I still felt queasy. Doesn't help that the demo before this one also made me feel a bit off. Visuals were pretty great though, nice job



Use the triggers to grab objects.

Use the left touch pad(may be right if controls are reversed) to move, or alternatively, squeeze the right grip buttons to engage the WalkAbout system explained here:

Viewing comments 20 to 1 of 46 · Previous page · First page