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Welcome!! Sticky

A topic by Coleo_Kin created Jan 31, 2017 Views: 209 Replies: 4
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Wow, we have 12 people and counting already and it's still over a week out from the jam proper starting!

Thanks to Zoya Street for featuring the jam on Critical Distance! I'll also be posting a roundup piece there after the jam.

People have expressed interest in running these sort of jams in a more irl-ish fashion, which is totally cool! I want this to become a repeatable format like any other type of jam. If you'll be doing it at a specific date or location, let me know and I'll promote it, as well as check out what you make.

Feel free to use the forums to hash out ideas and chat with the other participants. I'm also on twitter @netgal_emi if you have any pressing questions.

Thanks Coleo Kin for hosting! This will be very fun! Unfortunately I am going to be VERY busy this weekend :( but I will still try and get something together! As a more general message, I would love to host a "games about games" jam in this same criticism vein. Interested?


No worries! If people need me to leave the jam open for a little longer to get things in last minute that's fine. I want it to be as relaxed as possible for people to just mess around with the form!

That sounds like a good idea as well, let me know if you go through with it!


is there a limit to the amount of images we can have in one slide?


only to the point that they're still intelligible I think but even then that's a personal judgement call. Cropping and collage are all totally ok!