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Can I start early? Sticky

A topic by babyjeans created Jan 24, 2018 Views: 424 Replies: 4
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Jam Host(+1)



is deciding on a game concept "starting early"? Or is it just art and code?

Jam Host

Oh! Yes, I should also clarify this. I welcome discussion and ideas, just don't do any code or asset work early. 

Let's try to all get about 72 hours of time for that.

Jam Host

Really though, the time zones might be difficult for you... we're going a bit honor system here so if you'd like to start a few hours earlier and finish a few hours earlier, that works... the jam is also actually a 75 hour submission period so if you need to finish a little later, you've got a bit of a buffer. Enjoy!

Haha yeah, the jam starts at just after midnight here and ends at 6am, so will be tight on time here, will miss the first few and last few hours. Looking forward to it!