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Perhaps lots of you already lived for shortime in a village where all of inhabitants finished to injure and wound your body, considers you as a coward, a less-than-nothing, a bug easy to crush, ... 

In your mind, you are bored by the :


What could be your reaction if you have to obey to them and prey them as you are on your knees because 20 minutes ago you can not anymore support to be considered as an idiot and treat your neighboor as a idiot ?

What could be happen if your father shows to a planty of neighboors your high school noptation sheet, and all lags strongly upon you because of bad notations ?? 

And what could be your behavouring if you seems to be invisible by all inhabitants of the village ?

Are you even ready to create theories and way-to-do you finally practising (CG : being skyzoidik to attract people's minds imagine you are strong and muscled...). Why not lauching vaccum cleaner on 2nd floor to 1st floor stairs after cleaning 4 bedrooms, 1 bedroom  under menaces ??

You finally full of rage and destest all people and this village meaning an atrocity place to live....But right now, you are living in other place. You are happy. Many years later, you are still under persecussions of very bad remembering of this village and ALL CONSEQUENCES it involved against your volonties...

The solution : create a videgame where the hero can avenge you, hero is you or not, no matter. Or time-travel... In order to evacuate your stress and being motivated and quiet.

I want to tell you this facts happen to me. I began to create "Laurabuc Evil", an enigmatic video game. (Laurabuc, 11 aude, France).

In addition, a novel ("theories of John Peartree").

Be creative, and original ! Figure out your video game is played by an old inhabitant of the village !!