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Join us for EGaDS’s 72 hour UT Summer Stop and Swap Jam! Anyone from all levels of experience can join and make a game either alone or with a team.

How it works

Unlike most game jams where all games follow the same theme, each team will have the chance to submit 3 theme ideas and then will receive 3 unique themes from which they can pick 1 to make their game around. If you don’t have a team, don’t worry! You can find people to team up with through the jam discord or we can match you with others based on your desired roles. Game jams are a great way to learn and to meet new people, so even if you’re new to game development, you should still give it a shot! We hope to see you there

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Plant seeds. Kill bugs. Grow pumpkin. Profit.
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a donut hack n slash
High-velocity Pizza Prep- in Outer Space!
What awaits you in the void of space?
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