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This will be my first game jam

A topic by Tinsz created Jul 29, 2019 Views: 132 Replies: 4
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This will be my first time uploading any sort of game, im not 100% sure what im going to do, but ill give it a try. I will appreciate some tips and tricks. I'm using game maker studios 2. So if you think you can tell me anything that might help, please do!


Well what helped me in my first game jam was to not think about the best idea possible and just pick one idea that sounds simple enough and fun to make and just go for it. Amazing that you're going to participate. Game jams are a lot of fun while also being productive, I personally love it!


My advice would be to keep the scale of your game really simple(my first jam game literally consisted of holding the spacebar to eat grass), and to have the bare minimum playable version of your game done by about halfway through the jam. That way you have comfortable time to put on finishing touches and make things just the way you want them, and you can usually expect at least one tough programming-related problem that will take that last half to figure out. Above all, don't get hung up on decisions, just make what you think is cool and have some fun with it!


I heavily advise you to watch this video before getting started. It tells you pretty much everything you need to know about approaching your first game jam and it helped me a lot.


Yey man, good luck. The main tip is this: keep it simple. And by that i mean doing a game that dont require you to do a lot of studing to figure out how to do your idea.

Of course studies is a part of a game jam, but keep it simple.

Need art, sound, etc? On the jam description have a link to resources you can use.

And most important: have fun!